A decentralised P2P lending eco-system and a wake-up call to the global finance sector, from We Fund Any Deal - Working Better, Together.


The Deal Coin Blockchain Lending Platform

from We Fund Any Deal

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The next generation in decentralised lending platforms, combining blockchain expertise with real world financial experience . A true disrupter in the marketplace, the platform of choice for millions of investors looking for a better deal and connecting them with businesses wanting quicker and fairer access to finance, regardless of location in the world.

"Financial services can't linger in their experimentation with blockchain technology - they need to move aggressively or be left behind by the rapid pace of innovation"

Cognizant 2017



The Deal Coin Solution

Borrower & Investor




Borrowers complete the application form on our Decentralised Application (Dapp), supplying Know Your Customer information & application levy paid in The Deal Coin.

The Dapp connects securely to the Deal Lending Solution Database (DLSD), where the information is verified.

  • Asset verification and securitisation – valuing borrower’s asset against loan value.
  • Application Underwriting – protecting contract with smart insurance.
  • KYC - Identity Verification.

Once verified, loan application is listed within the DLSD.

Investors complete the KYC information to view and connect seamlessly with borrowers globally to discuss rate or terms acceptable to both parties.

Funding Loan




The Lender exchanges their Deal Coin to Deal Tokens, the internal token for the DLSD, Deal tokens are pinned on a 1:1 coin to GBP.

The Deal Tokens that are transferred through the DLSD are fully integrated with the Deal Contract a legally protected agreement and secured by blockchain protocols & the blockchain cybersecurity shield.

This includes but is not limited to;

  • Borrowers Application
  • Borrowers Know Your Customer (KYC) Information
  • Smart Insurance Policy
  • Asset Securitization
  • Credit Referencing
  • Lenders Know Your Customer (KYC) Information
  • Agreed Rate
  • Repayment Frequency
  • Terms of Loan Agreement
  • Borrowers and Lenders Legal Contract
  • Arbitration process
  • Debt collection provisions.

The Deal tokens are released and converted into the borrower’s local currency.

Administration & Repayment




The DLSD administers the loan, ensuring all terms, loans and interest are satisfied,

able to invoke smart Insurance, arbitration process or debt collection loan terms are not met.

The borrower, having reached the end of their deal contract, pays final amounts into the Dapp, converting their local currency into deal tokens.

The Deal tokens are then transferred through the DLSD to confirm the terms of the

contract have been fulfilled before being released to the lender.

Within the DLSD ecosystem, protocols are in place to protect lender against volatile currency activity.

If fluctuations have occurred the investor can choose to reinvest their Deal Tokens with another borrower, or exchange to a FIAT or crypto currency of their choosing.

This combination of blockchain technology, connectivity and global reach offers unparalleled advantages for both borrower and investor alike.


Exchange Process


Negotiation / Agreement of terms


Know your customer information


Application Process


Identity Verification/ Credit Referencing


Smart Insurance / Underwriting


Asset Securitisation


Crypto Currency


Fiat Currency


Deal Coin


Decentralised Application


Deal Lending Solution Database

Companies from around the world will be able to raise finance for all types of funding requirements , these include;
Short Term Cash flow
Property Development
International Trade Finance
Asset Finance to purchase machinery
Technological Innovations
Supply Chain Finance
Green Energy Projects
Waste to Energy Plants
Medical Innovations
Company Vehicle Finance
We Fund Any Deal are already regulated by the FCA in the UK, it is important to note that our platform will operate under the proper regulatory framework for each jurisdiction. We will maintain our high standards of regulatory compliance at all times.

Why Invest in the Deal Coin [DLSD]?

The Deal Coin [DLSD] is a unique business, targeting the $13.2 Trillion global finance marketplace.

By investing in the Deal Coin ICO, you are investing in a FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated company who will revitalise the peer to peer lending market.

We Fund Any Deal is an established business which has for over two years invested time and money to research and develop The Deal Coin [DLSD].

We envisage in the near future all businesses connected through our supply chain will look to adopt and trade in The Deal Coin, building a financial eco-system that will grow exponentially through the adoption of the global community, Working Better, Together.

With your investment in The Deal Coin [DLSD] ICO we will succeed and pioneer the next level of peer to peer lending platform.


The Deal Coin Crowdsale – Begins March 2018

Pre-sale begins on March 26th - Register on our whitelist now.

We are raising funds via a token sale and allowing investors a chance to purchase The Deal Coin in advance of it being listed on the various exchanges.

Deal Coin Price – 1 Deal Coin [DLSD] = $0.10 US or equivalent BTC or ETH.

Method of payments accepted - Ethereum, Bitcoin and Fiat Currency.

Pre Sale Week 1

20% Bonus
  • 1 Week

Pre Sale Week 2

15% Bonus
  • 1 Week

Pre Sale Week 3

10% Bonus
  • 1 Week

Public Token Sale

0% Bonus
  • 8 Weeks

1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) Deal Coins will be produced

$5 million Soft Cap

$50 million Hard Cap

The Deal Coin is based on the new Ethereum ERC827 protocol, a blockchain-based distributed computing platform, all excess coins will be held in treasury for future growth.


ERC827 is one of the latest token standards and improvements to ERC20 on the Ethereum network. ERC827 is 100% compatible with ERC20

ICO FUND Allocation

  • 10% Legal Compliance

  • 25% Operational Costs (inc GDCP)

  • 30% Marketing

  • 35% Platform Development

Global Deal Coin Partners (GDCP)

We have higher operational costs associated with the in-country development for each jurisdiction.

We are actively looking to the global community for like-minded people to become Deal Coin ambassadors and head up their own in-country operations under and with the full support of the Deal Coin & We Fund Any Deal brand.


The Deal Coin Allocation

  • 4% Bounty

  • 6% Advisors

  • 10% Development Team

  • 15% Founders

  • 65% Crowdsale


Exchange Listings

We will be applying to the list of exchanges below initially. The application status for each exchange will be updated as and when we get their responses.

Main Exchange Listing


Secondary Exchanges


The Deal Coin Team


Michael Morrison

Michael has held Senior Director roles in Blue Chip UK companies, such as BT PLC. He also ran his own successful SME business for over 15 years responsible for over £75 million in ongoing annual revenues. He is the one of the Co-Founders of We Fund Any Deal, focused on developing its strategy and is very excited about the future blockchain is presenting to the global finance marketplace. “Working for over 25 Years with SME Businesses and through my own experience of creating a business from a spark of inspiration, I truly believe there is so much untapped potential waiting to be created and with the right funding they could change the world.”

Nassim Taleb

Nassim is a Co-Founder of We Fund Any Deal since its inception, he has also run a successful UK SME Business for the last 7 years. He qualified with a BA Hons in Mathematics and Business Finance from Leeds University. “My view on blockchain and how the world will be change for the better because of it comes from my love of mathematics, the global fiat economy can change as quickly as a country decides to issue more notes or coins, the idea that intelligence and mathematics is the constant in creating and growing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology shines a bright beacon for the future.”

Marcia Jardine

Marcia is responsible for overseeing the operational and day to day running of the company. Prior to The Deal Coin, Marcia, spent 15 years running her own industrial recruitment business. Sourcing new clients and contracts, whilst also responsible for the ongoing placements of over 600 personnel. Marcia led the way through the implementation of new online recruitment systems and strategies. One of the key areas of excellence was the successful implementation of ISO 9001 Diamond Level Accreditation. Something which we are aiming for again with The Deal Coin.

Rajat Jain

Rajat is an entrepreneur with expertise in information technology and outsourcing businesses. He has over eight years of venturing, IT product strategy, P&L management and offshoring/outsourcing experience. He has consulted with Fortune 500 and small start-ups alike on how to start and operate offshore-based delivery capabilities. Before founding JARS Services, he was a strategy consultant for HTSL, a Honeywell subsidiary, focusing on cost-saving opportunities for venture capitalist funded software companies. Rajat holds an e-MBA in general administration/finance from Arizona University, AZ. and is Six Sigma Black Belt Certified. He is also on the board of Jain & Associates (Construction Unit), Manipur Tea and Marketing.

The Deal Coin Advisors


Paul Manning

Global Finance Investment Manager
Seasoned executive with over 20 years of global finance & investment management and business development experience creating multi million pound portfolio growth. In his current role with Harcourt Developments, he was instrumental in the £200 million-pound development of the Liverpool Titanic hotel and conference centre. Other large development groups Paul has held senior positions within include Fraser Group Dubai, Helios Group PLC, Panceltica PLC and Texas Group PLC.

Jason Patterson

Blockchain and Crypto Expert
After an illustrious career in a number of board roles within the travel industry, Jason has for the past three years spent his time advising business to orchestrate growth in a number of sectors. Always on the forefront of emerging technology, blockchain has for a number of years been his sole focus, as joint founder of Blockcognitive he has worked on a number of successful campaigns and ICO's. "The opportunity I perceive The Deal Coin offers globally is a real game changer, I truly believe where others have wandered aimlessly around the usage of blockchain, The Deal Coin delivers"

James Eastwood

Blockchain and Media Expert
James is an information technology specialist with over 20 years’ experience working with a number of Blue Chip organizations, that include; Orchestrating and executing strategic key initiatives for the British Telecom group, valued at over $30 million USD. In 2017 he formed Blockcognitive, a think tank for developing and launching ICO's and blockchain solutions. "As a self-professed blockchain enthusiast, cryptocurrency has kept me up many nights thinking of the huge possibilities blockchain can offer in todays digital world"

Mike Kessler

FCA Regulatory Director
Mike began his career in investment banking over 20 years ago, where he worked for blue chip investment banks as a trader and subsequently helped them on their digital journey. Mike has gone on to create new businesses as well as a leading FCA regulated umbrella provider in the UK which is also a founding listing member from the UK of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange. He has been active within the crypto world and blockchain technologies since 2015.

Kunalan Sivupuniam

Property Developer & Investment Manager based in Singapore
After successful stints at Societe Generale and Dresdner Bank, Kunalan successfully ventured into Real Estate with Ritz Carlton Residences and Hamilton @ Scotts, which led to other investments and to Co-founding and listing Sabana Islamic REIT. "In my opinion, the biggest challenge today is to bridge capital and investment opportunities between Asia and the United Kingdom, the current economic environment brings with it numerous opportunities, The Deal Coin bridges that gap"

Ian Mackrell

Corporate and Structured Finance Banker - ex AMEX Bank
Ian is a former merchant banker, with more than 30 years’ experience working in senior positions within Credit Risk, Management, Offshore and Investment departments for many major financial institutions. Since leaving banking he has advised and assisted a number of clients throughout the world in raising finance for infrastructure projects.

John Taafe

Qualified Building Surveyor with a wealth of experience in commercial finance. Specialising in Bridging, Commercial Loans and Development Finance. John has run his own Commercial Finance Brokerage in the past. John is enthusiastic about the future of blockchain technology and its impact on the global finance industry.

Darren Magee

NHS Head of Medical Physics and Engineering
Darren is a Waste to Energy and Medical Innovations Expert. Having worked at senior levels in connection with the MOD Medical Engineering and Property Services Agencies, Private and NHS Hospitals Technical Support Services for decades Darren is well qualified and vastly experienced in the provision of Healthcare Estates, FM, Medical Engineering, Decontamination and Infection Prevention Services . Darren is currently the Head of Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering at Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust & Managing Director at International EndoMedical Technologies Ltd.

Chris Jones

Chis has worked In the commercial finance world for the last 2 years, although his background Is In Accounting, software and sales. Having spent the greatest proportion of his working career with a leading Accountancy software vendor and top 100 company, Chris also runs his own Finance Broker business dealing with anything from loans for growth, refinance, bridging, development, property and Investment. He has been heavily involved in crypto for the last 2 years and recognises the true value our blockchain lending platform will provide businesses and investors across the world

David Mowatt

David has over 15 years’ experience within Commercial and Consumer finance. Having started his career in debt and insolvency, he quickly moved into the lending arena in a senior management capacity, managing and developing the sales function of one of the UK’s largest sub-prime secured lenders. More recently David had an integral role in the growth and development of a large commercial business lender, developing their full broker channel and representing the business needs to the FCA. David has been a key business leader and has developed key commercial strategy to enable business growth and profitability. David has great belief in the power of blockchain technology and its huge potential for the finance industry.

The Deal Coin Timeline

  • May 2015

    Company Formed

  • February 2016

    Finance Broker Platform Developed in UK

  • April 2016

    Financial Conduct Authority Status Approved

  • October 2016

    Peer to Peer Funding Strategy Discussed

  • March 2017

    P2P Crypto Lending Platform Concept Agreed

  • July 2017

    Research Commenced

  • January 2018

    Whitepaper Completed

  • March 2018

    Pre-Sale Commences

  • June 2018

    ICO Sale Closes and Deal Coins sent to investors

  • August 2018

    Go Live First Deals Being Funded

  • Q1 2019

    The Launch of our P2P Consumer Finance Strategy

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